Antiques Antiquities South Italian
Eales 1779 Silverplate; antique silver
Vintage 7 Italy Marsala Liquor Mini Wine Alcohol Bottles 40 gr. Carved Ceramic
Antique 18thC 1½ct Yellow Tourmaline Ancient Greek Roman “Emerald” Rainbow Gem
Capodimonte porcelain vases and candleholder set -excellent vintage collectibles
Ancient Apulian Red-Figure Pelike Magna Graecia Ca. 350 B.C.
Vintage MCM Anthropomorphic ROMANIA Pottery Bucchero Picasso Etruscan Folk Art
National Association of Professional Women Announces Jewelle M. Freeland, Owner of Sylvania Antiques Books Collectibles, as VIP Woman of the Year
Jewelle M. Freeland is the Owner of Sylvania Antiques Books Collectibles. Ms. Freeland's business specializes in antique sales, acquisitions and education. She has attained the highest level of membership to the National Association of Professional Women ...
The house that time forgot: Hundreds of antiques discovered in country mansion where little has changed in 100 years
When auctioneers entered the home recently they discovered a treasure trove of antiques dating back 100 years. Wine from 1914 was discovered along with Champagne from 1919. They also discovered a copy of a 1938 magazine as well as family ...
Rare antiquities unsafe in Sirpur
"As of now, there is no security for these antiquities. I am 80-year-old and my wife is unwell. These antiques are kept in a house where we stay alone. Now, I am like a treasure-guarding ghost, worried about the safety of these antiquities," the ...
Rare antiquities unsafe in Sirpur
BILASPUR: Thousands of antiquities, belonging to 6th century to 11 century AD, excavated from around the famous heritage site of Sirpur in Chhattisgarh, are kept in a small house located in an isolated area near the historic town, where it is ...
Third Annual Ellis Boston Antiques Show Slated For October 24-27, 2013 at The Cyclorama
The range of offerings at the show has also been diversified and expanded to include an array of antiques, jewelry and decorative arts from Greek and Roman antiquities right up to the 20th century. Strong representation by some of the finest dealers in ...
Ancient Art Rome Etruria Magna Graecia Italy Hellenic Greek Mosaics Cameos Coins
Large Capodimonte Beautiful Water Fountain, Made in Italy
200AD Genuine Roman Dacia (Romania) Bronze Geometric Style Engraved Ring Sz4½
South Italian Apulian Lekanis Female Heads cira 500-450 BC Museum Quality COA
Julius Caesar Against the Celts Roman Legions Invade Gaul Britain France Germany
Butting Bull
Beautiful Cacciapuoti Woman Figure Signed In 2 Places! Rare! Marked N856
2 Antique Aussy Black Opals Ancient Roman Cupid Stone Mark Antony’s Favorite Gem
Large Early Ethruscan Kyathos Impasto Ceramic circa 750 BC
Bronze age sword reproduction celtic viking roman
Vintage Antique Framed Venice Italy Canal Picture Wall Hanging
Messapian Oinochoe - Ancient Art & Antiquities.
Italian Ladies Wooden Donkey/Goat Cart Panels, Late 19th Century.Catania Sicily
19thC Antique 1ct Sapphire Medieval Gem Pope Innocent III Sack of Constantinople
Death & Burial Roman World Etruscan Afterlife Beliefs Funerary Rites Tombs Cults
Apulian Guttus with Pegasus
Heritage of Western Civilization 1st Hand Accounts Greece Rome Nr East Medieval
Unesco Ancient Etruscan Sculptures 1966 First Printing
RARE 19thC Antique Demantoid Pharaoh’s Royal Gem Ancient Egyptian Jewelry 3100BC
Handcrafted 31ct Topaz Medieval Saxon Travel Fire Danger Falcon Engrave Talisman
19thC Antique 1¾ct Titanium Quartz Crystal Ancient Frozen Sunray Petrified Water
Ancient CANOSAN POTTERY FIGURAL VASE, Apulia, circa 3rd Century B.C.
Quality USA Sterling 25mm Top Wire Hoops Ancient Rome Coins Army Propaganda News
18thC Antique 2 1/3ct Rose Quartz Medieval Gem of Venus Eros Roman-Assyrian Love
19thC Antique ½ct Spinel Medieval Europe’s Crown Jewel “Black Prince Ruby” Spain
Buried People Etruscan Life Ancient Pre-Roman Italy Digs Art Gods 80pix RARE H/C
AD300 Roman Epirus (Albania) Ring Size 5 + Antique 19thC Yemen Mahogany Obsidian
Medieval Renaissance Byzantine Early Christian Gothic Merovingian Rings Christ
19thC Antique 36½ct Scotland Citrine Ancient Roman Healing God Apollo Aesclepius
Apulian Red-Figure Lekanis - No Restoration
Italian Brevettato Brass & Green Marble Candle Operas
Apulian Xenon Ware Miniature Nestoris - Ancient Art & Antiquities.
19thC Antique 1ct Apatite Ancient Roman Goddess Fraus Pandora’s Box Fraud Deceit
Antique 14ct Topaz Ancient Rome Jupiter Apollo Gem Augustus Triumph Marc Antony
*Aphrodite Gallery* Greek Pottery Blackware Guttos, ca. 5th-3rd Century B.C.
19thC Antique ½ct Sapphire Medieval Traveler Talisman Black Magic Evil Spirits
Archer Italy Sardegna Nuragica Bronze Sculpture 4.5" Statue Fucina Fontanarosa
19thC Antique 1½ct Sapphire Gem of Medieval Oracle Sorcery Prophecy Black Magic
Stoic “Meditations” Ancient “Gladiator” Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Commodus
19thC Antique Scotland 44ct Citrine Celtic Sunshine Sterling Earrings
19thC Antique 1¾ct Aquamarine Ancient Roman Naval Legionnaire’s Talisman Neptune
Antique 19C Italian Brass "Lucerna" Table Oil Lamp w/Snuffer & Tweezers, H 20.5"
19thC Antique 4ct+ Amethyst Gem of Bacchus Roman Wine God Hoplite Spartan Amulet
18thC Antique 2ct Garnet Medieval Lion Engraved Plague Black Death Danger Amulet
Antique 18thC Garnet Greek Roman Blood Amulet Gemstone Round Stud Earrings
Genuine Ancient Roman Handcrafted Carnelian Gemstone Pendant 100 AD
19thC Antique 22½ct Bavaria Fluorite Gem of Roman Pompeii Augustus Nero Jupiter
19thC Antique Garnet Ancient Celt Roman Persian Anglo-Saxon Greek Blood Talisman
Roman Province Thrace Bulgaria Intricately Engraved Starburst Ring AD300 Size 6
Vintage Rossini Original Hand Decorated Vase Italy Volcanic Glaze Mid Century
145AD Roman Silver Denarius Coin Empress Faustina Jr Goddess of Hope Spes Flower
Silver Roman Coin Emperor Septimius Severus Peace Goddess Pax Olive Branch AD196
Antique 18thC Garnet Greek Roman Blood Amulet Gemstone Round Cab
Handcrafted South Dakota Black Hills Green 12kt Gold Leaf Grapes Punic Wars Rome
Michelangelo Sistine Chapel 16thC Renaissance Italy Pope Julius Royal Court HC
1886 --Meia cara Nicoletta (4 Page signed letter w/Envelope, Napoli, Cento Baci
19thC Antique ½ct Emerald Gem of Roman Germania Salzburg Crown Jewels Nero 14kt
AD223 Silver Roman Denari Coin Emperor Severus Alexander Goddess of Peace “Pax”
Time Life-Great Ages of Man-- Imperial Rome--Superb Pix--1965 Hardcover
Apulian Guttus with Sea Serpent
RARE Antique 19thC Demantoid Ancient Celt Roman Greek Persian Safe Travel Amulet
Vintage Capodimonte Porcelain Violin Wall Thermometer Rose Bud Decor Display Art
PIEDIGROTTA SCARPETTA (1903) Eduardo Scarpetta (Testo & Canzoni)
Tea Cup Made In Italy 10/9
NEW HCDJ Virgil Georgics Ancient Roman Daily Life 30BC Farming Politics Augustus
Apulian Black Glazed Gnathia-Ware Mug - Ancient Art & Antiquities.
Torino Robotic Space Age Lamp 1970
100AD Genuine Ancient Roman Judaea Israel Palestine Bronze Punch Dot Bracelet
19thC Antique ½ct Flawless Siam Ruby Ancient Persian Roman Magic Poison Antidote
18thC Antique Iolite Sacred Roman King of Gods Jupiter Zeus Middle Ages Wizards
16thC Medieval History Germany Switzerland Reformation Luther Calvin Anabaptist
19thC Antique ½ct Sapphire Ancient Etruscan Greek Roman Gem of Prophets Oracles
AD900 Roman Byzantine Constantinople Ring Sz8½ + Antique 18thC 4ct Carnelian Gem
Apulian Red-Figure Oinochoe - Ancient Art & Antiquities.
Echoes of the Ancient World Romans Mystery Religions Sacrifice Divination Gods
HUGE Chronicles of Ancient Rome Lavish Illustrations Art Architecture Maps Huns
Apulian Guttus with Sea Serpent
19thC Antique ½ct Sapphire Medieval Strength Evil Spirit Anti-Sorcery Witchcraft
Antique 19thC ½ct Siberia Diamond Medieval Royal Gem Fearless Virtue Emblem 14kt
Renaissance Royal Jewelry England Settings Techniques Gem Sources Cutting Color
18thC Russian Ukrainian Crimean Tatar Silver Ring Ruby Red Glass Gem Sz10 Zircon
Antique 19thC 12¼ct Bavaria Fluorite Ancient Roman Magic Egyptian Scarab Amulets
18thC Antique 1 2/3ct Russia Tourmaline Ancient Myth Medieval Dutch Rainbow Gem
AD300 Ancient Roman Bithnyia Turkey Sz5¼ Ring + 18thC Antique 2¾ct Siberia Agate
1970's Barsuttine Red Wine clown bottle, says its made in Italy
AD161 Silver Roman Denari Empress Faustina Jr. + Goddess of Harmony “Concordia”
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A rarely seen Roy Lichtenstein set to be the highlight of London's Masterpiece fair
June is the high point of the year for the London art market, with a rich assembly of auctions, exhibitions, and fairs coinciding with what is generally known socially as “the season” – Ascot, Wimbledon, Henley and even, perhaps, the odd ...
Solid gains and 3D explosions
At the world’s great art and antiques fairs – even ... Among those joining the home teams are Italian colleagues Baccarelli Botticelli, Di Castro, Carlo Orsi and Walter Padovani. Some are also venturing into the city’s art fairs.
Jean-Luc Martinez, director of department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiquities to head Louvre
But in the end -- and after three finalists were interviewed in person by Hollande -- Martinez, director of the Louvre's department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiques since 2007 ... as well as a little Italian and German. He has also started learning ...
Winter Antiques Show Fills Park Avenue Armory
Two of the most important parts of an antiques show were very positive; the gate, which showed a daily increase of 25 percent over last year, and sales registered in all fields of collecting, including Americana, folk art, antiquities, midcentury Italian ...
Strong Prices For European Nobility Memorabilia At Hermann Historica
All specialist areas represented by the firm — antiquities, arms and armor, works of art, hunting antiques, orders and collectibles ... the hammer finally fell at $46,000. A Celtic ceremonial top adornment with figurative motifs dating from the Tenth ...
Media Advisory: Advance Highlights Preview of Spring Show NYC
NEW YORK - When the third edition of Art and Antique Dealers League of America Spring Show ... jewelry; garden ornaments; books, manuscripts and autographs; Chinese export porcelain and decorative arts; Native American and tribal art; carpets and rugs ...